Team Driving Jobs

If you’re looking for team driving jobs, please check us out.  It isn’t for everyone but if you’re the right team it can be a pretty good deal.  By the way, my wife and I are drivers too.

Our trucks are leased on to FedEx Custom Critical.  It’s an expediting company.  We haul for one customer at a time; pick up then deliver.  Usually, you can make the same money or more than you do now, and drive far less!  Of course that depends on where you’re coming from.  We average 10,000-12,000 miles a month as a team and we have very light loads; around 10,000 lbs.!

The pay is percentage of load.  That shouldn’t scare you, drivers should be able to split $110,000 to $120,000 per year.  It’s like any other company, some months are better than others.  We provide the truck, maintenance, fuel, etc..   Our trucks are newer model Kenworths, have Prepass/E-ZPass, XM radio and APU’s.   

You’re looked at as an owner/operator by the company we’re leased to so it isn’t forced dispatch; you take the loads you like and you take time off when you want.  Our only requirement is that you be on the road 75% of the month, minimum.  Personally, we stay out a couple of months at a time.   We drive in the United States and Canada.  

So if team driving jobs is what you’re looking at, you probably have more questions and we can give you more info on requirements by the company.  One thing is, you really need to have HazMat and Tanker endorsements as it makes you available to more loads.

NOTICE:  Because of Workman’s Compensation rules in Colorado, Nevada and North Carolina it wouldn’t be beneficial for you to work for us as it’s MUCH more expensive.

Husky Expedited Freight