More on Team Driving Jobs

Team truck drivers are needed to quickly move freight across the United States and Canada.  Because there are federal driving rules, drivers are have to take mandatory breaks.  Teams also are required to follow these rules but since there are two drivers, one can drive while the other driver sleeps,  that way goods can be shipped  seamlessly rather than the need to stop for 10 hour sleep breaks each day as a solo driver so now you see why team driving jobs are in such demand.

Being that there are two drivers the pay is divided unless, of course, it goes to a combined account such as a husband/wife.  Even if it is divided by two unrelated people, usually each can make more money as a team because more miles are driven.  Team driving adds a new problem though, that being a close relationship in a confined area!  You should be certain that you can get along with another person for long periods of time; as long as 2-3 months.  Normally, you get home long before this, but a 6-8 weeks is very normal for a lot of teams.

It should also be a easier to be more safe as a team.  As an example, my wife and I incorporate walkie-talkies to communicate while backing.  This makes backing accidents virtually non-existent; something not easily available to solo drivers.  I’ve talked her into a places during inclement weather; both times lights were out and was very difficult as a driver to see.

Team driving jobs are in demand and companies are always looking for teams.  There are some requirements that we are looking for including having a  Class-A CDL and 6 months of over-the-road driving experience.  If interested, please don’t contact us to see if you meet other requirements and find out more about our offer.